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Tsukumen  at Bankara Ramen, Bangkok

Tsukumen at Bankara Ramen, Bangkok



Facebook is impersonating people without their consent, and most individuals have no idea this is happening. Any post made by Facebook on your behalf is completely invisible to you, and only shows up in your friends’ & family’s news feed.

Facebook considers this an intentional feature. They’ll re-post one of your “likes” every so often with a related article. It makes sense form a marketing standpoint - reposts help whatever you “like” gain visibility. However, there’s no way to filter exactly which articles are posted on your behalf - because again, they’re only visible to your friends. The only way to prevent re-posted content is to unlike everything.

Apparently this isn’t new:

Class action lawsuit:

Note: “Facebook denies any wrongdoing and any liability whatsoever” - they don’t plan on fixing this issue.

Dead people liking stuff on Facebook:

This goes beyond just advertising on a user’s behalf - my friends & family might think I like inappropriate content, or information I don’t agree with - it can damage relationships. In fact, I’m only familiar with this issue because a friend asked if I liked “penis shaped waffles”. 

What else has Facebook posted on my behalf that I don’t agree with? What has Facebook posted on your behalf that you don’t agree with? 

I encourage you to scan through your Facebook feed, and find any “like” by an friend with a “Related Article”. I bet they have no idea the article was posted under their name - go ahead and ask them. 

- Craig Condon

(Source: bureauofminds)